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How To File For Divorce in Ojo Feliz NM

No one enters into a marriage thinking about divorce or having to file divorce papers in Ojo Feliz NM. And then one day one spouse declares to the other “I want a divorce” and suddenly the big D word is out in the open. Perhaps you know an ex-couple who went through a messy divorce.  If you have ever read or watched tabloid news, it seems as though every other week some celebrity or big shot is going through a not so amicable divorce.  But if yours is amicable and an uncontested divorce, is it necessary to spend a lot of money on a divorce attorney or is there a cheaper alternative to file for divorce?  Let’s take a look at a cost effective way to dissolve a not so perfect marriage and how to file for divorce without leaving you both divorced and broke at the end of it all.

New Mexico Uncontested Divorces

filing divorce papers online Ojo Feliz NMOnline divorces are probably not the best alternative if your divorce is complicated, contested, or contentious.  They are more suitable for divorces where both parties are in agreement and have come to terms regarding a splitting of assets, alimony, child support or custody of the children.  Which is, in other words, what is called an “uncontested divorce”.   One thing to keep in mind is that it is not a requirement that you utilize the services of a New Mexico divorce lawyer. Divorce papers may be completed and filed in your local Ojo Feliz courthouse without the consultation of or completion by an attorney.  If the two currently married parties are in complete agreement, there is no need for anyone else to be involved.  Following are some tips to help reach that meeting of the minds.

  • Don’t feel pressured to settle quickly. Particularly if one party wants to end the marriage more quickly than the other.  It is more important to think things through and cover all of the bases before settling to ensure that there are no last minute second thoughts
  • Don’t take forever either. Again, if one spouse is more anxious to start his or her life anew than the other, keeping that person waiting may affect their temperament or actions prior to divorce, such as emptying the bank account or charging up the credit cards.
  • Be analytical. Yes, it is an extremely emotional situation going through a divorce, and heightened emotions can lead to disagreement or even anger. Try to approach it like a business deal where both parties are entitled to their fair share of the assets.  And don’t try to get every last penny!  Otherwise you may need a New Mexico divorce lawyer to reconcile the differences, which will end up reducing what you will both receive after legal fees.
  • But don’t give away the farm either. Don’t be so accommodating in order to settle that you leave your own needs unmet.  Don’t forget, there will be moving expenses, monthly bills to pay, perhaps children to take care of.  Try to come up with a fair settlement that you both can live with.

Cheap Online Divorce

Obviously the biggest benefit of filing for divorce online is the cost.  When we say cheap, what we really mean is inexpensive and affordable.  It can be an excellent choice for married partners in Ojo Feliz who have a modest income and do not really have the money to be able to afford a divorce attorney.  A divorce paperwork preparation firm can cost literally a small fraction of what a lawyer would charge.  The value of the service is that they will make sure that the paperwork is completed properly.  One of the most common errors when couples represent themselves, which is referred to as “Pro Se”, is the improper completion of the divorce papers.  The preparation service will complete the divorce paperwork in compliance with both State and Federal requirements.  It is important to remember, that using a preparation service does not constitute receiving legal representation.  The service is designed to assist people in representing themselves in the divorce process, not substitute as a lawyer.

Should I File for Divorce Online in Ojo Feliz NM?

Obviously, it is up to you and your spouse if you would rather file for divorce online instead of being represented by a New Mexico divorce attorney.  If you both have decided that divorce is the only solution, and if it will basically be a no fault divorce with no complications or unresolved issues, then having your divorce papers prepared online might be a good and economical solution.  And hopefully the money that you save will help you both start your new lives a little better off financially.

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